The summer toboggan run in Willingen is also known far beyond the borders of the Sauerland. Since the summer of 2019, there is a great addition right next door: on a 60 m long wooden marble run, even the smallest children can race with the balls. It’s great fun that provides plenty of exercise and is also easy on the holiday budget: for 2 euros, a wooden ball can be pulled out of a vending machine that looks like a giant chewing gum machine. This ball can be used as often as you like on the ball track and can then be taken home as a nice little souvenir.
According to the motto “first the work, then the fun”, the children first have to run a few metres uphill on a well-surfaced path or across the lawn. With the ball firmly in your hand, you go purposefully up the small slope. Once at the top, all you have to do is insert the ball from a platform through the small opening and the fast-paced game begins downhill. Sometimes straight ahead, sometimes winding or even zigzagging, sometimes slow and sometimes fast, passing obstacles made of wood or even ringing cowbells. Once at the bottom, the ball can be collected again and the fun starts all over again.
The adults can watch their offspring let off steam from the sun terrace of the “Einkehrschwung” hut restaurant. This is accompanied by delicious coffee specialities, waffles, ice cream or small hearty dishes. On cold days it is also very cosy inside and a nice play corner is waiting for the children.

From Holiday HOUSE Marta you can reach Willingen by car in about 15 minutes. You can find the ball track at the following address: Am Hoppern, 34508 Willingen (Germany)
Sufficient parking spaces are available.

Conclusion: A tour to the ball track should be a fixed item on the agenda for all young visitors to Willingen. Together with the playground, the big trampolines and of course the summer toboggan run (our track records deserve their own contribution, in which we will report again in detail about the summer toboggan run), the excursion is definitely worthwhile, especially with children, and does not lose its charm even when repeated.

The ball track