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Startseite / Sauerland

Stand Up Paddling at the Diemelsee

Since summer 2020 at the latest, there is a new trend sport: Stand Up Paddling (SUP). Originally from Hawaii, standing paddling, which has been translated into German, has now developed into a worldwide leisure sport. Great that it is also possible to book courses or rent the complete equipment at Diemelsee. Of course we don't want to miss that. Seen from Holiday HOUSE Marta, the SUP station is about 800m away on the opposite bank. The station can be reached on foot via the Stormbrucher bridge at the Seebrücke campsite in about 15 minutes. We are very lucky, our beginners course takes place in the best summer weather. The booking can be made online at short notice and very easily, and the confirmation e-mail already suggests a relaxed and informal environment: you are greeted with Aloa and - as is usual among athletes - addressed with "you". The beginner's [...]

Ball track at the summer toboggan run in Willingen

The summer toboggan run in Willingen is also known far beyond the borders of the Sauerland. Since the summer of 2019, there is a great addition right next door: on a 60 m long wooden marble run, even the smallest children can race with the balls. It's great fun that provides plenty of exercise and is also easy on the holiday budget: for 2 euros, a wooden ball can be pulled out of a vending machine that looks like a giant chewing gum machine. This ball can be used as often as you like on the ball track and can then be taken home as a nice little souvenir. According to the motto "first the work, then the fun", the children first have to run a few metres uphill on a well-surfaced path or across the lawn. With the ball firmly in your hand, you go purposefully up the [...]

The Dommel tower

A day in January. The air is freezing cold, it is still early. The sun makes its way through the fog and suggests that a great day lies ahead. What can you do in the Diemelsee holiday region today? We immediately have an idea: let's go to the Dommel. 738 m high and at the top the Dommel tower rises another 14 m. On a clear day you can look far over mountains and valleys in all directions. We start from Holiday HOUSE Marta directly at the Diemelsee. From here you can reach the Dommel in about 15 minutes by car (input for the navigation system: Am Dommel, 34519 Diemelsee (Germany)) On foot there is a 7.5 km long route via Stormbruch, for which you should plan about 2 hours without breaks (↑371 m, ↓57 m). When you arrive at the car park for hikers, a sign informs you [...]

The Estenberg: really hikable for children

The Estenberg right next to the Holiday HOUSE Marta is a great place to go on a discovery tour with little hikers. We have tested him. Most children do not like to walk long distances - unless they have an interesting destination in mind. This is exactly what the Estenberg offers, because here you can follow the squirrel trail for about 2.5 kilometres and discover several adventure stations in addition to the fantastic view. The adventure stations are a bit outdated, but that doesn't affect the motivation of little adventurers. There are a total of 7 stations where information on native animals and trees can be tracked down. The path leads completely through the forest, so there are exciting things to discover everywhere. Sometimes it is an overturned tree with its roots sticking out of the ground, sometimes a beetle crossing our path. Small climbs are always directly followed [...]

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