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Excursion destinations: Insider and travel tips at the Diemelsee

Startseite / Sauerland

Would you like to go hiking, cycling or simply relax
Are you looking for family fun for every weather and season, for indoors and outdoors?
Would you like to go on a sports or adventure holiday? Or enjoy regional delicacies alongside art and culture and get to know the people of the Sauerland?

The Sauerland, known as the land of 1,000 mountains, is not without reason one of the most popular holiday regions in Germany. All year round, attractive leisure facilities and offers await holiday-hungry visitors. We will show you why it is worthwhile to spend your holiday here and to visit the Diemelsee and the HolidayHOUSE Marta. And as our guest, you have the opportunity to plan excursions and enjoy the anticipation of your holiday even before the holiday begins.

The lake Diemelsee is located in the Upland on the eastern edge of the Sauerland.

Stand Up Paddling at the Diemelsee

Since summer 2020 at the latest, there is a new trend sport: Stand Up Paddling (SUP). Originally from Hawaii, standing paddling, which has been translated into German, has now developed into a worldwide leisure sport. Great that it is also possible to book courses or rent the complete equipment at Diemelsee. Of course we don’t want to miss that. […]

Ball track at the summer toboggan run in Willingen

The summer toboggan run in Willingen is also known far beyond the borders of the Sauerland. Since the summer of 2019, there is a great addition right next door: on a 60 m long wooden marble run, even the smallest children can race with the balls. It’s great fun that provides plenty of exercise and is also easy on the […]

The Dommel tower

A day in January. The air is freezing cold, it is still early. The sun makes its way through the fog and suggests that a great day lies ahead.
What can you do in the Diemelsee holiday region today? We immediately have an idea: let’s go to the Dommel. 738 m high and at the top the Dommel tower rises […]

The Estenberg: really hikable for children

The Estenberg right next to the Holiday HOUSE Marta is a great place to go on a discovery tour with little hikers. We have tested him. Most children do not like to walk long distances – unless they have an interesting destination in mind. This is exactly what the Estenberg offers, because here you can follow the squirrel trail […]

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