Since summer 2020 at the latest, there is a new trend sport: Stand Up Paddling (SUP). Originally from Hawaii, standing paddling, which has been translated into German, has now developed into a worldwide leisure sport. Great that it is also possible to book courses or rent the complete equipment at Diemelsee. Of course we don’t want to miss that. Seen from Holiday HOUSE Marta, the SUP station is about 800m away on the opposite bank. The station can be reached on foot via the Stormbrucher bridge at the Seebrücke campsite in about 15 minutes.

We are very lucky, our beginners course takes place in the best summer weather. The booking can be made online at short notice and very easily, and the confirmation e-mail already suggests a relaxed and informal environment: you are greeted with Aloa and – as is usual among athletes – addressed with “you”.
The beginner’s course should last about 60 minutes and after a short briefing on land we go straight into the water and for some of us directly into the water ;) First of all, the students should familiarise themselves with the inflatable board and the paddle on their knees, before gradually moving on to standing paddling. Very important when getting up: look straight ahead, just don’t look at the board now!
After only a few minutes the tension turns into relaxation and paddling on the Diemelsee begins to be a lot of fun.
Drift leisurely across the water, enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains around the lake Diemelsee and its bays and admire nature. Or just paddle away and really work out: Stand Up Paddling becomes a total body workout – what looks casual keeps you fit and promotes balance.
If pure paddling is not challenging enough for you, you can switch to SUP-Yoga or SUP-Fishing.

Conclusion for all summer guests at Holiday HOUSE Marta: definitely try it out!

Stand Up Paddling Diemelsee