A day in January. The air is freezing cold, it is still early. The sun makes its way through the fog and suggests that a great day lies ahead.
What can you do in the Diemelsee holiday region today? We immediately have an idea: let’s go to the Dommel. 738 m high and at the top the Dommel tower rises another 14 m. On a clear day you can look far over mountains and valleys in all directions.

We start from Holiday HOUSE Marta directly at the Diemelsee. From here you can reach the Dommel in about 15 minutes by car (input for the navigation system: Am Dommel, 34519 Diemelsee (Germany))
On foot there is a 7.5 km long route via Stormbruch, for which you should plan about 2 hours without breaks (↑371 m, ↓57 m).

When you arrive at the car park for hikers, a sign informs you that there are either 2 flat paths that wind around the Dommel on the left and right or, as an alternative, a shorter and steeper path directly through the middle. As the children are full of zest for action and expectation, we decide to take the path through the middle. The ground is still slightly frozen and unfortunately the dry summers did not stop at the Dommel – heavy equipment was obviously here before us to remove dry trees. The terrain is accordingly impassable.
Halfway we take a short break on a bench. On the way we meet a nice fellow hiker, otherwise it is rather quiet at this time of year.

The view of the Dommel tower will then mobilise the last of the children’s energy and they will have climbed the 72 steps in no time. The view is really great on this day and interesting information boards explain not only in which direction you are looking and which mountains and places are around, but also which big cities are far out of sight. Here are some examples:
London: 613 km westbound
New York: 6,175 km northwest
Hamburg: 260 km to the north
Tokyo: 9,235 km to the north-east
Munich: 412 km southbound
Rome: 1,089 km southbound

In Willingen, about 10 km away, you can see some snow-covered slopes and also the icy cold wind reminds us which season the calendar indicates.
At the foot of the tower a weatherproof hut invites for a picnic. On another information board, interested hikers can also find out that the current Dommelturm is already the fourth of its generation – quasi Dommelturm 4.0 – and that the first tower was built over 110 years ago. The current Dommel tower was opened in September 2007.

On the way back to the car park we choose the shallow path around the mountain. Here the ground is flat everywhere and easy to walk on. If we had opted for the official circular route on both routes, we would have had a distance of 2.7 km.

Conclusion: A trip to the Dommel tower with good visibility is definitely worthwhile. A day in nature combined with a highlight. The defence at the top of the tower is too high for small children, but from the parents’ point of view the height is just right.

The Dommel tower