The Estenberg right next to the Holiday HOUSE Marta is a great place to go on a discovery tour with little hikers. We have tested him. Most children do not like to walk long distances – unless they have an interesting destination in mind. This is exactly what the Estenberg offers, because here you can follow the squirrel trail for about 2.5 kilometres and discover several adventure stations in addition to the fantastic view. The adventure stations are a bit outdated, but that doesn’t affect the motivation of little adventurers. There are a total of 7 stations where information on native animals and trees can be tracked down.
The path leads completely through the forest, so there are exciting things to discover everywhere. Sometimes it is an overturned tree with its roots sticking out of the ground, sometimes a beetle crossing our path. Small climbs are always directly followed by sections that lead gently downhill. The path is so safe everywhere that it is really easy to follow even with small feet.

In autumn everything is colourful, the path is almost always covered with autumn leaves. You should allow about an hour for the hike around the Estenberg. Halfway along the route you reach the rock that imposingly rises out of the mountain. With a little help and protection, even the youngest hikers can conquer the rock and feel like little climbers. But be careful here: on the other side, the path is steep downhill.

Conclusion: despite the partially weather-beaten stations, the Squirrel Trail is worthwhile – especially with smaller children.

The Esten mountain